Jade Pendant- Carved eagle claw holding a fish. From China.

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Tai Chi Master saw the claw and said it's important in the Tai Chi community, symbolizing strength and power and protection.

This jade collection came to me in an odd way from someone I tried to help.  He contacted me on LinkedIn spinning a touching tale about working in his father's jade business and feeling ashamed that he was not doing well.  I got him booked to sell his jade on a cruise ship from Hong Kong to Singapore. He turned down the opportunity saying that his father forbade him. Despite my telling him I knew nothing about jade, and not to send this, he sent it anyway.   He has disappeared, and this jade has been in my safe for years.  It will cost thousands to have this jade tested and appraised, and most people in the jewelry district here in NY city won't touch it.  Finally a gemstone dealer gave me a casual assessment of a suggested selling price which is far below the prices supplied from China.   All I want is to get these pieces onto someone who will enjoy it, and I do not want to risk overcharging.  So if you get the deal of the year- good for you.  

 Carved Jade Pendant in white and shades of brown and bronze.  Eagle foot holding a fish (it must mean something in China).  Check out this Jade necklace and jade bracelet with harmonious colored stones. Contact me for package price, and if you want me to remake a piece mixing the stones.

The value given from China is $9,200 but that seems so unlikely I am embarrassed even to post it, so I made up a price in the listing, am giving you all the information I have, and charging the price given to me by a NY gemstone dealer.

  • 1" x 2.5" x .6"
  •  $ 9200.00 - Original Quote
  •  $ 1050.00 - Casual Quote
  •  $ 850.00 - My clearance sale quote