Jane's Meditation Technique: It Works!

Jane's Meditation Technique: It Works!

Posted by Jane A. Gordon on 16th Sep 2020

Jane's Meditation Technique: 
Let Gratitude Put Life in Perspective
Let Challenges Flow 
Past Easily
Turn Anything into Blessings

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This exercise works for me to find serenity by stopping haunting, scary, stressful, and/or negative thoughts. We often forget that how we feel, to a large extent, is a choice.  While we can't just snap our fingers and change our feelings, we can change our thoughts, which, like dominoes, will change how we see everything and how we feel.

To be happy, we must know we are happy. Blessings without gratitude are overlooked. This changes that!

  • Pause. Breathe. Sit or lie down. Close your eyes.
  • Wear an eye mask if comfortable. A scarf works, too.
  • Repeat the words "thank you" quietly in your mind until you feel your body relax
  • Continue for about 20 minutes...or more if you want
  • If negative thoughts sneak back in it's okay. Open yourself to relaxing
  • If the thoughts are from a long time ago, they might be things you are ready to release. Try to let them go...
  • Go out of your head. Be physically in the moment by being aware of your body.  Wiggle your toes, touch your face, whatever you want...just be totally aware of your body for a few moments.
  • Return to 'thank you' meditating.
  • Go back to "thank you"
  • After about 20 minutes, or when you're ready, and when relaxed, or even starting to relax, open a tiny window in your mind to contemplate blessings
  • Truly think about each thing for which you are grateful
  • Savor the gratitude
  • Practice this gratitude exercise
  • Try 20 minutes to start
  • Find your ideal time
  • When finished, find someone less lucky and help them
  • Thank them for allowing you to be of service

Eventually we develop a spiritual muscle-memory of gratitude: it becomes second nature. Even when scared, my blessings are always front of mind, and that makes everything easier.

Changing language, even a word, changes how we see the world, and that changes how we feel.

Thank you, Gratitude.

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