What's it to You?

What's it to You?

Posted by Jane A Gordon on 31st Jul 2021

What does being better mean to you?

Sometimes I wonder if people even want to be better.... not in a competitive way, not in comparison to others, but just a desire to be the best possible version of our own perfectly flawed self.

Do you?  

Whatever improving means to you, below are some thoughts about how to get there

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  • Trust and be Trustworthy.
    • Say what you mean – mean what you say
    • Stay true to yourself and your words: No excuses.
    • My philosophy on trust is to trust without question, except in two situations. If money or sex is involved, then we must pay attention.
      • For example: If you’re at a cocktail party and someone is telling amusing stories about being the Emperor of Mars, as long as he isn’t trying to sell you Martian real estate, or have Martian babies with you, just enjoy the emperor!
  • Be Dependable
    • Try your darndest to do what you say you’ll do-
    • Own it, apologize, fix it! Try to make up for when you can’t live up to your word  
    • Turn up on time.

Working towards being the best version of our beautifully flawed and scarred selves will bring happiness and serenity.  If we always try to be our best, accept and love ourselves, we will have nothing to prove to anyone.

If we never do anything we would be embarrassed for the whole world to know, then we live in truth and light.

FreedomNothing to Prove + Nothing to Hide

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