De-Mystify Pearls

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For most, understanding the differences between pearls is a complete mystery,   How can a strand of pearls sell of one dollar, and another strand can be hundreds of thousands of dollars?  In hese charts I do my best to simplify and explain, but there is nothing like seeing them in person, where I can put the pearls in your hands to show the subtle differences in shape, luster, surface aarea, etc.   Add to that clarifying the confusion between types pf pearls, natural vs cultured and more, and within an hour you will no longer be confused.  

For five years showing my jewelry on cruise ships, I also taught all about pearls, inclusing my super easy knotting technique and other easy techniquoes to make your vision come alive.  It would be fun to teach on land.  If you want a private class, or have a group who wants a presentation for fun or fundraising, contact me and we can figure out together how to make this work for you. or 212-688-8600