Jane's Super Easy Pearl Knotting Technique

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The classic technique of knotting pearls takes years to perfect.  In addition, it's brutal on the neck and back.  Over the years I worked out my own technique which is so easy I can walk around doing it, or more comfortable, sit back with my feet up watching tv or chatting while I do the knotting.   Over 5 years showing my work on cruise ships I taught thousands of people how to knot pearls, including a woman with glaucoma, one with Parkinsons, two men with fingers as thick as a baby's arm, a woman who was told she was unteachable (no one who wants to learn in unteachable) a woman with one arm, and a three year old.  Seriously- a 3 year old.  Her mom couldn't believe it, and in case you don't, photos are posted here.  Also posted here are a few video demonstrations.  They were only meant to show how easy it is, but many people have written to me telling me they learned just from the video.  Write to me for written instructions and for a list of 'getting started' materials, explaining things like thread and needle size, etc.   

In addition to knotting, I can teach so many simple techniques, that you can make any of your jewelry visions come alive as long as it doesn't need fire.  It's exciting teaching people to connect with their own creativity and self esteem.   It's a wonderful way to connect with others too because the knotting gets easy quickly, it's incredibly relaxing, and then conversation flows.  And guess what- if you teach your kids or grandkids, they can't text and knot at the same time!  

See also the page "De-Mystify Pearls" because that makes a great start to the class.  Both private and group classes are available for fun or fundraising.  Contact me and we can figure out together how to make this work for you.  

Jane@JaneGordon.com or 212-688-8600

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