Hanging Art with Music Box- Irmaly Brackin "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

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Wow- this is completely unusual, even for the renown folk artist Irmaly Brackin who created this charming mixed media work of art.

Great looking composition by Irmaly Brackin depicting a vibrant childlike baseball scene beautifully complimented with a music box playing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” This is a fine example of Brackin's painting, and so far, the only piece which I have been able to find which combines a music box with the artwork.  Truly unique.  What a wonderful gift for a child, or for an adult to reconnect with their inner child!  

Irmaly Brackin’s works combine layers of resin, enamel, glass, and acrylics. The frames are considered part of the artwork. Brackin is the granddaughter of famous expressionist, Hans Grohs. Brackin has been described as one who creates art that is sophisticated and full of texture and depth. Her work is shown in galleries, mostly throughout US southeast.

Click here to read Irmaly talk about her art and process.


Contemporary American Folk artist: Irmali Brackin, 20th - 21st Century. 

The adjective "creative" does not begin to describe Irmaly Brackin. As she explains it, she has been in an "atmosphere of art" all her life. She came from what she describes as a family of artists. Her grandfather was the famous German Expressionist painter, Hans Grohs. During Irmaly's lifetime, her mother brought all of Groh's work to America, filling her house with it and allowing an impressionable Irmaly to be exposed to its wonders.

Her mother studied art in Alabama and Mexico and became an art historian, teaching in junior colleges. Irmaly grew up in Miami, where the vivid colors and imagery of Cuban and Latin American artists would come to play a strong role in her sense of image and the direction her work would take.

With her European background, she was able to take advantage of some extraordinary study opportunities. In 1980 she attended the Paris American Art Academy and worked there with an Argentine printmaker and painter. She also studied in Denmark at a folk-art school, where she explored puppetry and theater and costumes, continuing to paint all the while. in 1981 she attended the University of Wurzberg in Germany on a study abroad program through Appalachian State University. She earned her BFA degree from Appalachian State in 1981, where Dean Aydelotte and Noyes Capehart were strong positive influences. In Chapel Hill, she continued her studies with Peter Plagian, who was world-renowned for his minimal bold-color statements in painting. By 1986, she had earned her MFA degree from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Brackin's list of awards, one-person and group exhibitions and professional accomplishments is long. She is represented by Calvin and Lloyd in Norfolk, Va., by Carteret Contemporary Art in Morehead City NC, by the Sher Gallery in Miami Beach, FL and by Art Emancia in Asheville NC

Approximate dimensions:

Height: 12"
Width: 15"
Depth: 1.5"

 From an article about Irmaly Brackin:

"The surrealistic art of Irmaly Brackin is imaginative collages of colorful, swirling images that seem to dance in joy to a wild beat," the spokesperson said.

Her art features people and animals rather the inanimate objects. Brackin said about her art, "It needs to be for and of the people."

Sometimes her art addresses issues of the time, such as her "Fisher Peoples of the Gulf," in which all prayers and concerns are for the people living on the Gulf Coast, the environment and wildlife affected by the oil spill disaster.

Brackin's technique of painting on glass with resin sealed glass framing the work has a focus on interaction, filled with spontaneity and urgency. She has a unique style as she sometimes creates characters that play out a story in the painting process, which is then written into a play.

Multi-talented Brackin describes herself as a painter, print-maker, sculptor and screenwriter.

Brackin earned a BFA from Appalachian State University and MFA from the University of North Carolina. She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors with many group and one-person exhibitions. Her art is in many museums, as well as corporate and private collections.

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