Equestrian-Lucky You Horseshoe Ring-Small-18K gold & diamonds

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Traditionally horseshoes represent good luck. These hourseshoe rings from the Equestrian Jewelry collection are overflowing with good luck. The theme of overflowing abunndance goes through my work as a beautiful reminder to have gratitiude.   

This particualr design came from an exercise I do in my head when I think I am having a bad day. I imagine all people lined from the luckiest to the unluckiest. Thinking about what I 'thought' was a bad day compared to people on the wrong end of the lucky line keeps life in perspective.  Don't stop there if you want to be happy.  

- The key to happiness is to go find people less lucky than you, and try to help them.
-  Shhhh = don't tell anyone when you do something good in the world - it will dilute the experience.
- Thank the person who 'allowed' you to assist them.
- Being good, and doing good, is it's own reward.

 Approx 8 pts G-VS bezel set diamonds.

  • 18K $4200
  • 14K $3400
  •  Sterling silver with plate options $1,100

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