Equestrian "Lucky You" Horseshoe Ring-18K Gold & Diamonds. Smaller Version

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These Horseshoe rings are overflowing with the good luck which horseshoes traditionally represent. Aside from the physical beauty, what I am love to share  are pathways to happiness.  Here. the inspiration behind this design is a concept which helps me, and my wish is that it will help you and yours, too. 

Horseshoes represent good luck. These are overflowing with it.

The inspiration for the "Lucky You" Equestrian Collection came from a mental exercise I do to lift myself.  When I think I am having a bad day, I imagine all people lined from the luckiest to the unluckiest. Thinking about what I 'thought' was a bad day compared to people on the wrong end of the lucky line keeps life in perspective.  The real key to making this work is not just remembering to appreciate our blessings, but to go out and help someone else to have a better day.

- The key to happiness is to go find people less lucky than you, and try to help them. 
- Tell no one what you have done- it will dilute the experience. 
- Thank the person who 'allowed' you to assist them. 
- Being good, and doing good, is it's own reward.

These lucky horseshoes are filled with diamonds in the hooves. Wouldn't it be lovely to find random diamonds inbetween your toes?   

Horseshoe Ring- Small version, Approx 5 pts G-VS bezel set diamonds
18K gold with diamonds $4200
14K gold with diamonds $3400
Sterling silver with diamonds $950.00

Horseshoe Ring- Large Version, Approx 8 pts G=VS bezel set diamonds.
18K gold with diamonds: $6550 
14K gold with diamonds: $5595
Sterling silver with diamonds $1100

Also available: lots of other "Lucky You" equestrian jewelry, such as various versions of necklaces and earrings, lapel pins, etc.  Anything can be made in any metal and stone to suite your taste and budget.  I am here for you!