Vintage Asian Hand Painted Beads-Double Happiness, Happy Marriage, Longevity: Orange & Black on White

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These are vintage beads from China, which, I am fairly certain, belonged to my maternal grandmother. They were in one long necklace which I took apart because I feel they are so beautiful that they stand out more as a highlight or center piece. 

A friend in China who specializes in vintage Chinese art helped me understand the origin and meaning. 

The bead is Peking glass or porcelain from the late 19th or early 20th century.  The character in writing means "Double Happiness" and refers to marriage.  The bird represents longevity. The two combined represent the power to bring a long and happy life and marriage.

Meaning: Double Happiness, Happy Marriage, Longevity.

Looking closely the beads also just gives me that feeling of watching birds, but guessing this was not intended, just a fun interpretative feeling. 

Use these unique beads to make whatever you want, or talk with me and I will make something just for you.  My inclination is to mix these with bright orange carnelian and/or black tourmaline beads.   They also make cute drop earrings with one, two or more depending on your taste and style.  

Coral and peach colors cheer up fall and winter clothing, and radiate in the spring and summer.

The colors are stunning, and they are truly beautiful shades of peach and coral. They look great with all in the orange, tangerine, carrot ranges, and also brighten up outfits in neutral colors such as navy, browns, creams, black, etc.  I am having trouble capturing the actual color in pictures, and will try again soon. 

Note also that these are one of a kind, so if you love them, get them now. 



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