Karma Chain- 14K Gold with Ripples of Diamonds

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The Butterfly Effect is a mathematical model of the universe showing that we are so connected that if a butterfly flap its wings in The Amazon, in as little as two weeks the air currents it creates could cause a storm in Chicago.

If we are so connected physically, how connected are we spiritually? How does it resonate through the universe every time we use a curt voice, or do a random act of kindness?  

In this way, your power to change the universe is immense.  Be careful and kind, always, with your astonishing power.

And remember, we are all connected.  What we do to/for others, we do to/for ourselves.

In this design, diamonds inside ripples represent a pebble dropped into a pond, and representing our thoughts and actions rippling out. 
Wearing this almost every day, alone or layered with other necklaces, reminds me to always be careful and kind.

Approx 18-20 pts G-vs diamonds.  These can be made any length you want, and I always include two settings to fit different necklines.

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