Treble Clef Pendant Necklace -18K Gold with Diamonds

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 As I see it, music, jewelry and dancing are connected in an unusual way, in that none make sense, yet every people in every corner of history and the planet have loved to decorate their bodies, listen to music, and gyrate to the sound waves of music. Why?   I think the metaphorical expression of life, nature and inspiration through music, dancing, jewelry, beauty, and art, may in fact be literal- - - quite literally gets us "on the same wavelength" where we can all communicate in a way beyond words.  More important, finally on the same wavelength, we experience the truth of oneness. 

The treble clef overflowing with the abundant dots of diamonds.  Approx 9-10 pts G-VS diamonds.  1.4" high X .62" wide

This was originally part of a logo for a private club, and was going to be used as gifts for the members. You can see the logo here.  The club is long gone, but the jewelry, like music, is timeless!

Do you have a fun or fabulous logo that would look great turned into jewelry?  Get in touch with me - let's get transforming!

18K Gold with Diamonds (This one!)
14K Gold with Diamonds
Sterling with 18K Dots of Diamonds

Gifts are always meaningful.  Meaningful gifts are even more cherished- not only for the beauty, but the memories and layers of discovery.