Vintage Mini Diamond Heart on Tiny Pearl Necklace 14K White Gold, Possibly Tiffany & Co

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Tiny heart in 14K white gold diamond heart on delicate, tiny perfectly round pearls.  Even the back is beautiful, with three hearts combined to make a heart shape. This was a gift to me in the 1990's and came in a box from Tiffany & Company, from a friend who shopped there often.  I always assumed it was a Tiffany necklace... she is not the kind of person who would want or need to fake it.  However, after posting this someone pointed out that it's not signed, and so the Tiffany origin is now in question.  It's still a beautiful necklace.

This used to be one of my favorite necklaces in the 1990's. Then I became an accidental jewelry designer in 2000 and only wore my own jewelry since then.  So for over two decades now, this little beauty has only been decorating the inside of a drawer.  It's time that this necklace decorates someone new and brings joy and smiles again.

Will that be you or someone you love?

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