Aqua Bubbles Statement Necklace Chrysoprase Briolettes & Rock Crystal on gold

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AQUA BUBBLES   Statement Necklace on extender chain.
Fresh, bold, bright and unexpected.  When I show these to people, they just smile.
Chrysoprase briolettes, rock crystal nuggets, and gold jewelers metal circles and chain.
The true color is challenging to show.  The chrysoprase stones are a light aqua, and the rock crystal is completely clear.  Included here are photos edited to look better, and also raw to try and show the light blue-green, aqua color. In the photos, the ones which show lighter are closest to reality.  It is especially frustrating not to get the color perfectly because like many stones, chrysoprase is all about the color.  The name means “golden leek” in Greek because the  stone looks so bright. The color is so distinctive that it is at the core of many of the stories of chrysoprase and its metaphysical meaning. The Ancient Greeks said that chrysoprase was the sacred stone of Aphrodite, whose sacred color was green.
This took an insane amount of time to make, so will not be repeated.  Aside from the time, I don't know that I would find these exact materials again.   Get this now, for yourself or someone else to wear and share smiles.
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Designer: Jane A Gordon