Modal scarves featuring images of butterflies in gemstone, 18K gold & diamonds

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The "Butterfly Effect" from String Theory mathematically proves we are so closely connected physically, that if a bird flaps it's wings in the Amazon, in as little as two weeks the air currents it creates can cause a storm in Chicago. If we are so connected physically, how connected are we spiritually? Every act of kindness, every short temper, resonates out. This is a beautiful wearable reminder to always be careful and kind. The butterflies are made in gemstones set in 18K gold with diamonds.

One last thought: Another thing I love about butterflies comes from an old English proverb, about embracing the unknown with optimism instead of fear.
"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

NOTE:  These are in stock now.  If you miss them, they can always be reordered but could take up to two months to deliver
 Contact me if you have questions about the time and I will give you updates. or 212-688-8600 (NY city- Eastern time- not too early in the morning, please.